RuggerBugger – Mirco Bergamasco’s naked pics

Mirco is a tough rugby player, but for this RuggerBugger he decided to take his cloths off and shoot an amazing photo shoot. He wanted something out of the ordinary, cause he himself is different, and the result was a really awesome from the behind shoot, but photographed in front of a mirror.

mirco_bergamasco showing her hard butt at ruggerbugger

So we get a frontal of his tight ass, and a reflection of his playful penis, which we can only imagine what can do. Check him out at M2Mclub or at rugger bugger and enjoy him. That amazing and perfect body cannot be missed for nothing in this world. This rugby player went naked for you on camera, so let’s see what it came out. I’m sure you will be pleased by his performance, so let’s grab a seat and let’s see what our dude is capable of. Wearing nothing, he is just standing in front on the camera , showing off his good and entertain us with his perfect body. Make yourself comfy and cum inside for the entire shooting session. I guarantee he deserves your time. You do not see a player like him all day, so let’s see what this one has for us. Also, stay tuned for fresh content. See ya all next week! Just have fun!

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RuggerBugger – George Robson

It was George Robson’s time to be on RuggerBugger. The Harlequins rugby player was spotted during a game flashing his large tool. He was in an important match when it all happened. Everyone was chasing the ball and in a flock his large tool escaped his tiny shots and revealed itself to the entire world. Just make yourself comfortable over there and enjoy the entire gallery.

So George is during his game, but it is pretty clear for me that he sort of wanted to show off his cock, especially because she did not ware any panties. This good looking player will make your day with his cock at view. I’m sure you will enjoy watching the entire gallery, so let’s not waste anymore time and let’s see everything, don’t you think? I’m sure you all will enjoy that. Also, we have another amazing and special scene for you tonight. Because you are here every week, we will repay your fidelity with Andres Nunez porn tape. Enjoy that also! Check him out! Also you might visit the site and see some sexy straight men getting roughly fucked!


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Tom Ecochard Exposed

RuggerBugger brought you another French rugby player. This time we are talking about Tom Ecochard that got caught completely naked in the locker room. After a game he took a shower and decided to talk to his team mates without wearing anything. One thing he didn’t knew, the locker has several hidden cameras in every single corner. I’m sure thus is exactly the kind of scene you were looking for, so watch him and his completely naked body.

As I said, the sportsman is a rugby player and for that he has one amazing shaped body. He will expose it all around after she takes a shower, while talking with his friends. Tom has some amazingly perfect shapes, all worked out, that ripped ass and one cock for you. I’m sure you will enjoy watching him but naked, so let’s hit that button and let’s enjoy the entire gallery. This is your chance to watch him in a posture he never was on TV. Cum inside and check our entire gallery. We have there another sportsmen who are exposing their body, so let’s what it is all about. Like this one who was caught but naked in a locker room. If you want to see some gorgeous men getting naked for the cam, enter the site and have a great time!


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Rugger Bugger – Julien Tastet

It was Julien Tastet’s time to make an appearance on Rugger Bugger. The French rugby player was cornered by journalists after an important game and pushed until he admitted about an old gallery he appeared on. In this gallery you can find exclusive pictures of him showing off all of his assets including his ripped ass and enormous tool. So let’s not waste anymore time and let’s see what this sportsman has for us tonight.

I know how much you love rugby players and this one is a player like no other. Those perfect shapes will be exposed tonight in all their glory. Julien posed naked when he was younger and we have the entire gallery for you. Do not thank us for sharing, just hit that button and cum inside to see for yourself. He sure has things to show, a round firm ass and his big cock, ready to feat up your eyes. He will be pretty surprised to find out that those pics went public, but lucky for us, we had them all and now you will enjoy that. Anyway, check also next week when some fresh content will be on screens for all of you. Hot sportsmen are revealing their shapes, so check it out! Wanna see other muscled guys getting naked? Check out the stag homme galleries!


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Sacha Harding Exposed

It was Sacha Harding’s time to get exposed on RuggerBugger. The British rugby player was filmed when he was training at home for an important match. He likes practicing completely naked, but he didn’t knew that a friend of his made a bad joke and installed a camera, well hidden in his room. Check him out working hard for his great body!

You will see him taking off his clothes in no time and starting training. That naked body of his will be in all it’s glory. I bet that he is as good in bed as he is on the field. This sportsman will simply make your day with that amazing appearances, so let’s watch him doing his thing all naked without knowing that he is taped. You will have the chance to see his muscles highly strung just for you viewing delight and his cock jumping up and down while he is training. Enjoy the view everyone and also stay tuned for another fresh content. We will be back next week, for sure. Until then, I’ll leave you in his company. I’m sure he will make your evening better and he will be the best thing to enjoy in a fine night like this one. For similar content, check out some boycrush galleries and see some cute guys getting naked for the camera!


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RuggerBugger – Steeve Guenot

RuggerBugger brought another French wrestler caught completely naked. We are talking about Steeve Guenot showing off his smoking hot body. He was fooling around naked in his house when his gals thought she made take some of him. Before you know these pics were out in the open. Check him out sexy posing around the house! I’m sure he is exactly what you were looking for.

Enjoy the entire gallery back on our website. There Steeve will be in all kind of position, showing off and bragging with that perfect body of his. The sportsman is showing off his round butt all to the camera. His cock will be on screens tonight. so do not waste anymore time and watch him doing all those things and revealing that perfect body. He is the one that cannot be missed. He looks like he is doing that for a lifetime, posing all naked and going naughty on camera for his fans. The wrestler is one tough guy and I bet that he is capable of pleasuring any human being with his body and his cock. Just watch him and tell me what you thing! Also, click here and enjoy Thom Evans going naked on camera as well or check out the ChaosMen blog and see some gorgeous gay guys getting fucked!


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Victor Biscioni exposed

Hi there! Here we are again with another amazing update. Tonight you will enjoy watching Victor Biscioni, a French wrestler exposing his entire body all naked. I’m sure this gallery will make your day. The sportsman was taped without knowing and now we have each picture of that amazing gallery. Have fun watching him and his perfect body right away, no further due. Cum inside and see him playing with his cock and exposing that white round ass to the camera.

As you can see, this wrestler sure has some shapes. That fitted out body is shown in all it’s glory tonight. One of his buddies made a joke by putting those hidden camera in the locker room, and now our boy is exposed. Once the gallery is on gutter press’s hand, everything will go public. But before that, we want you to enjoy this to one’s own here. I’m sure his round ass an that nice cock exposed will be exactly what you needed tonight. Have fun watching and also chick here to enjoy Cristiano Ronaldo all exposed on our channel.


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Chris Mears posing nude

On tonight’s rugger bugger’s scene we have something young and truly amazing This British Olympic diver will expose his fine body for you in front of the camera. Another sportsman is caught on camera and you are going to enjoy the gallery from some front row seats. As you can see, this one is young and horny and will pose only for his fans and your viewing delight. Have fun watching, everyone!

So the boy is Chris Mears and he is a pro diver. But tonight he will be your company and I’m sure he is a good one. Let’s not waste anymore time on chit-chatiing and let’s watch him all naked and exposed. He will show off his perfect curves, that fitted out body and his round firm ass just for your viewing delight. A man like him could be in anyone’s line, boy or girl with that sweet pretty face of his and that amazing body. Grab a seat back there and enjoy his hot gallery.  I’m sure his ass and his cock will make your day, so have fin watching, everyone! See you guys in no time, with more incredible galleries!


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Frederic Michalak ass out update

Hi there! Another hot ruggerbugger scene is coming to you and I’m sure this is a very good one. We have here another French rugby player and his cute ass showed to the camera. This hot sportsman will be your company tonight, so do not waste anymore  on reading this and cum inside for the entire gallery. We have a lot of pictures with his ass, so let’s see exactly what was that all about.

As you well know, the rugby players have that amazing well fitted body, amazing muscles and a firm round ass. Well, this last part will be showed tonight to you. The rest you might have see on TV, but the ass is always hidden. Well, no more hidden asses. Here we will offer you a lot of pics with famous sportsman and their bodies, all naked and exposed. Lots of asses and cocks we have here. Like this one, for example. His team colleague pulled his pants accidentally and lucky for you we caught that on our cameras, the round ass being exposed in all it’s glory. Have fun watching, everyone! Guess who is going to be exposed bare naked here? Check out this video as well, for amazing scenes!


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Rio Ferdinand sex tape

Hi there, my friends! Tonight we will entertain you with some amazing scenes. We will have for you not only pictures with naked asses or hanging cocks, this time you will enjoy a sex tape with one famous football player. Rio Ferdinand did not knew he is taped while he was enjoying that fucking session, so let’s see what the man is capable of.

As you could watch, that hunk is humping on the poor girl shoving his cock deep inside her. He does not know that there are hidden cameras in the room and does his thing as he usually do. He will fuck that girl and his sex tape will give birth to one controversial scandal. The football player is now on our screen and the entire world will be able of watching him while having sex. The two will go hardcore and you will be able to enjoy that only here. Cum inside for the entire episode. Have fun watching another sportsman going naughty on hidden camera. Enjoy! See ya all next week with fresh content. We will have a nice surprise for all of you! Until then, you might visit the site and watch some horny gay guys in hardcore sex scenes!


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