Paul Slane sex scandal

Here we are again and this week we have another sex scandal for you. Paul Slane did something very stupid and now he will be criticized by the entire world. Well, that is not very important for us. This football player just gave us something to entertain you guys. Watch him taping himself while he was enjoying a good fucking session. I’m sure this is more that you expected, but let’s not waste anymore time and let’s watch him going naughty on camera.

So the sportsman over here is during his cantonment and he is enjoying a relaxing evening with a hooker. We wanted to have some fun after a couple of drinks, so he hired that hooker to satisfy his every need. And to have something for bragging the next day in the locker room, Paul recorded himself while he was fucking that babe. Watch him fucking her doggy and taking pictures while doing it. But he had no idea that those pics and the recoding will go public. Somebody send those to the gutter press and now you will enjoy them exclusiveness. Just hit that button and enjoy the entire gallery. Have fun, everyone!


Watch this horny football player recording a sex tape!