RuggerBugger – Blake Skjellerup

Hi there, my people and welcome back! This is the night you all will enjoy another amazing ruggerbugger scene with famous sportsman exposing their bodies all naked in front of the camera. As you already know, some are taken with hidden camera, some are from old galleries and some might be sex tapes, also takes with hidden camera. This week, this young skater brought one amazing gallery with him while he was exposing his naked body for the fans. Enjoy him right away. You will not be disappointed by his performing, trust me.


So the young sportsman has a nice collection with himself. He took those pictures when he was younger without thinking that one day those might be a good instrument for blackmailing. After he got that phone call from a stranger telling him that if he does not pays him a large amount of money, he will give that pictures to gutter press, our sportsman did a very clever move. He gave himself the pictures to the press. Enjoy watching him exposing his sexy body in all it’s glory and showing us every inch of his skin. Enjoy! Also, we have another amazing scene. Another sportsman posed all naked and you will enjoy watching him also, for sure. Click here and watch Chris Mears posing naked for his fans!

Check out a hot speed skater posing naked for the cam!